Monday, January 19, 2015

Digital Self Portrait

A digital self portrait from July 2014. I had a little fun taking an old pen drawing of mine and putting it in the computer, using Photoshop (with a mouse) to edit it, add color, and trace some linework in.

The drawing was based off of this photo (I took a lot of liberties, trying to stylize it):
I used a photograph of the sketch in Photoshop. The sketch was pretty small to begin with, and the photo was small as well, so the image quality was pretty horrendous starting out. I should have scanned the drawing instead.
Finally, I got smart and blew the thing up (that sounds so violent), traced over the linework, and added in more color, in order to bring the image quality up so it wasn't so pixelated. I mostly worked without the photograph when tracing over the linework, so it deviated even more from, well, reality.

I created this after having taken my classes in Spring 2014, which got me acquainted with Photoshop, so I had a little of experience, but still was unsure how to go about digital art. So this project was mostly just an excuse to play around with Photoshop and loosen up my style.

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