Saturday, January 3, 2015


I got crafty this Christmas! I thought school would interfere with my making Christmas presents, but it actually wound up being a great motivator, because painting and crafting sounded waaay more appealing than dealing with school projects. As far as forms of procrastination go, I couldn't complain.

For one of the presents I crafted, I painted a set of wooden coasters for my second oldest sister. (As opposed to the set of coasters I painted for my fourth oldest sister a couple of years ago.) I left the sides and backs of this set blank, which saved me a lot of time; I actually finished the painting in one day! Although a lot of that was because I was having so much fun with them.

Initially I had planned on simply doing white silhouettes of flowers and branches, but I wound up adding some darker painted linework and washes overtop of that. When I first started with the darker color, I was terrified that I would ruin the work I'd done so far. But after working on one coaster, the other coasters with only the white looked so plain in comparison! I think the linework really added some structure and detail.

As for the total process of painting these, I started with a base coat of the light grey paint, and once that had dried I painted in the white areas. I used the same dark grey I used on the base of the coaster set holder for the linework of the branches and flowers. I found it easiest to shade it a little with a wash of the grey and then add the darkest linework after that. I added some more white to pull out highlights and clean it up and, lastly, after the set had dried, I added several coats of varnish.

I had such a blast painting in this style! Sometimes I think I rely on linework a little too heavily to solidify my artwork...but then, it's a style I'm really drawn to. I think I'll definitely revisit it one of these days.


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    1. Thank you, Ashlee!! ^_^ I'm hoping to make a similar set for another one of my sisters sometime.