Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Printmaking I, Spring 2014 - Part One

Cross-hatched test linoprint

When making the difficult decision of which classes to take for the Spring 2014 semester, I was excited to discover that my college offers a printmaking class. I'd never actually tried printing anything before (unless you count stamping cards). Some art history books I'd read gave descriptions of printmaking methods such as etching, but I had a hard time picturing and understanding the process just from a paragraph in a book. Since I had the opportunity, I opted for the hands-on experience. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos while I was working, so I can't really show you the process. But I'll talk about my experience with the class and the projects, at least.

We had a total of six projects over the semester: a collograph, a reduction lino print, a woodcut self portrait, a line etching, an aquatint etching, and a soft ground etching.