Thursday, October 16, 2014

East of the Sun and West of the Moon gets Photoshopped

I started up a project on a whim a while back--putting an old, rough drawing into the computer and adding linework and color digitally. A long while back, I had edited the drawing in Photoshop, just cleaning up the linework. Here's the original pencil drawing that I used as a base (just a little sketch):

The reason I started the project was because I wanted to get some more practice in Photoshop. I'd also really been wanting to add color to the edited version, which I had been using for my avatar for one of my Tumblr blogs, because the black and white version was just kind of...meh. I wanted a more exciting avatar.

It's been an incredibly fun project! And a welcome avenue for procrastinating from doing schoolwork. (Hey, at least it's more productive than scrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr.)