Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tangled Screenshot Art

By Kelsey Hamersley. Spring 2014. Traditional inks colored digitally in Photoshop.
This was a school project, where we chose a dynamic screenshot from a movie (the more dramatic, the better), scanned an initial pencil drawing and printed it in non-photo blue, inked it, scanned it in again, and colored it in the computer. I used a Wacom tablet working on this when I was at school, and a mouse when I was at home. I could have edited the inks more in Photoshop, but chose to focus on the color because this was my first Photoshop project.

The class was Rendering Techniques, and it started with more traditional drawing and then carried over into digital, using Photoshop and, later on, Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed the chance to get my foot in the door with working digitally, though I was stressed because I have very little experience creating art on computers. This particular project followed the process used for creating comic books. I'm a big fan of pen & ink so it was fun being able to use an element that was inside my comfort zone before stepping into the digital work.

So that you can see what a big difference the color made in this project, here's the ink drawing:

Feel free to use the black & white version as a coloring page if you want. ^_^

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