Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coasters & Crafty Things

Time to break out some old stuff! I'm contemplating making some crafts to sell on Etsy, and painting wooden coasters is sounding really appealing to me right now. I've only painted coasters once before, a set of six I painted for my sister for a Christmas present back in 2012, and I had a blast with them. I'd love to try my hand at a similar project sometime in the near future. Actually, my mom is a decorative painter and has a large collection of wooden surfaces just begging to be painted... *plots*

I think the cover of the container was my favorite part. It reminded me of painting henna, except more loose and doodley.

The top sides of the coasters.

The bottoms were filled with quotes. My sister had just gotten married in August that year, so this was partly a housewarming gift. I stuck to mushy love quotes. ;) All of my pinning on Pinterest definitely came in handy in tracking down some good, relatable quotes.

You can see some texture around the squirrel, where I made some corrections. I have squirrel issues.

(Seriously, though, don't trust them. They're evil. Just look at those beady little eyes...)

Happy little bird.

Lacy tree.

I almost completely freehanded these things. I did some very rough sketches to come up with designs, but quite a lot of that was made up as I went along in the painting stage. 

I used a total of three colors of paint with this project. The paint colors were left over from a few projects I painted back in August for the wedding. My sister's wedding colors were yellow and grey. My mom thought that was a weird color combo at first, but not long after the wedding those colors got incredibly popular. That's us Hamersley girls, on top of the latest trends. Heh.

Instead of a guestbook, we used a square piece of canvas board, which I painted. Guests Sharpied their names in the petals, and the center circle held my brother-in-law's and sister's names and the date (which I wrote in a cute, swirly font with Sharpie. My normal handwriting is awful, but I can write prettily if I try).
Painting all of those petals made me feel like I was going insane, but it really was a fun project! I enjoyed trying to suit the style to my sister's tastes.

I also painted two decorative signs, which we used for the reception.

Some of the elements I used for the signs ended up in the coasters, including the lyrics (one of the coasters also used a quote from "You Are My Sunshine"). I enjoyed tying the styles together. 

I used a pencil to rough in the type and some of the branches and leaves, but did some freehand painting with the signs, as well. I was extremely tempted to paint a yellow bird on the branch in the grey sign, but wimped out.

The fun part with these decorations was that my sister got to utilize them in decorating her house afterward!


  1. Gorgeous! Maybe you've already considered this or even have done it, but you could definitely sell this type of thing on Etsy! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'm definitely thinking about getting some stuff like this up on Etsy...

  2. These are adorably pretty. ^^