Friday, December 9, 2011

Fairy Tale Castle

Castle ~ Acrylic. September 2011.
This isn't strictly related to a fairy tale, but golden apples do show up in a lot of tales, and castles as well. I had a lot of fun doing this one. :)This painting started in August. I began with a separate pencil drawing, and then moved on to the final piece in acrylic. I spent a good amount of time reworking the composition after I had started the painting--another delay (albeit necessary) when I was struggling to get it finished in time along with three other unfinished pieces I had intended for the fair and needed to complete.

The top half of this painting I am pretty fond of (especially the style of the clouds), although looking back there are a lot of things I would fix. I was going for layers, like one of those books where the images are printed on transparent pages, and the image builds up and changes as you turn the pages. However, the delivery is still awkward and chunky. I would love to revisit this concept sometime, now that I'm more certain of what I want out of it--and what I could do to improve on it. Another good exercise would be starting a series in the same style and color scheme.

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