Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fairy Reading

Over two months since my last entry. *wince*
Sorry. I will say that life has been utterly insane. Though, for all my running around, I seem to have gotten very little done. I don't understand how this happens.

But on to the interesting stuff.

Graphite. July 2011
A fairy drawing from earlier this year. The idea for this drawing centered around texture--the wings, the dress, even the tree. The wings weren't quite successful for me. Too jagged and kind of clunky; they look broken. Dress--meh. I'm still rather clueless about folds, so it's hard for me to judge. I had fun with the detailing along the hem; it was taking the hem from a dress drawn back in March a step further. I found a dress on Pinterest (yes, I'm on Pinterest--now you now why I've been accomplishing so little) the hem of which has the same sort of feel to it.
I liked the concept of the drawing, but wanted to take it a step further with color, going for a vintage children's book style.
Watercolor. July 2011.
So here's this one, painted with watercolor (and some very, very fine brushwork). I worked out some of the kinks but created a few more in the process. Lesson learned: sketch the design out till I'm happy with it, then spend hours on a painting. :) You can see the personality changed from the drawing to the painting: the fairy's wings have been reworked and the tree is far more understated and softer than before. The fairy's face, on the other hand, has grown sharper (dislike); she looks rather fierce for someone reading peacefully. I had a blast using the selective colors with fine linework, though. I could see revisiting this style someday soon.

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