Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun Crafty Project

I've had a hankering lately to find some cute way to store the endless amount of shells my family and I have collected over the years. We had them (actually, still have some, sadly--I didn't even manage to use them all up) in a plastic bag, stashed away in a closet. Today I finally got around to working on an idea I'd had. Jars, to be precise.

I used a couple of (rinsed) tomato jars and one applesauce jar for these. The images were from The Graphics Fairy; the shell image can be found here. I just printed it out, cropped it, and tied it on with string. This was the applesauce jar.

For this one, I used a pretty French label. I cropped, inked, and sanded it, then used Mod Podge (love that stuff) to attach it to the glass. Then I tied a bit of lace around the neck of the jar.

This one had another French label, with the same treatment as the last one, only I used some sheer ribbon instead of lace.
All in all, I quite enjoyed myself, and it was a fairly quick project. There's a lot of versatility with these--you can vary the jars, the attachments, whatever you use to fill them, and so forth. It makes for a cheap decorative way to store memorabilia.

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