Thursday, July 21, 2011

More on self portraits

Funny thing about this portrait which I posted about a little while ago: I brought it to my art lesson the other day and my teacher (Fred Del Guidice) loved it. I was happy enough to see I've improved somewhat in oils, which I've only really started to paint with in the last few years, but that was certainly a welcome reaction. (Though intimidating, when I ended up working on an oil landscape at that lesson--and that one turned out to be considerably less impressive...actually, pretty mediocre. *sigh* Win some, lose some.) There are still some faults, definitely, but I'm going to have to call it a draw--no more tweaking. (Best to recognize it when you get to that point in a drawing/painting where it's a risk continuing when you like so much of it already--you have to draw the line sometime [heh--cheesy artist pun] when any further work is as likely to ruin it as improve it. To show an example I'll have to write about another portrait I did...)
So, anyway, success on that count. (Yay!) And someday I will write a post showcasing some of my horribly awful failures in the art of self portraits, just so you know why this one makes me so happy.
I also went ahead and changed my profile pic on my Facebook page to this painting--before that it had been the fairy drawing like I have here.

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