Monday, July 18, 2011

Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

Done with Carb-Othellos on drawing paper, August 2008. Inspired by the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood (although, it turns out, she still has a castle in that one. No zonking out in the woods. Well, that's what artistic license is for). I had a blast drawing this (especially all the little circles in the hedge...because I'm crazy) but it got blurred fairly quickly--even from this picture it was starting to--so I redid it later on:
Pen & ink and watercolor, on watercolor paper. Entered in the fair 2009, where it got a first place ribbon. Here's a picture sans frame, for you to get a better look at the color.
I was going for a stained-glass type of style in this--art nouveau. Since then I've attempted the style with a lot of my fairy tale drawings. I could still be tempted to redo this one again and combine the aspects I like from both versions: trying to capture the warm, golden tones of the first but cleaning it up more (but not as much as the second, which seems too clean--there's too much empty space). I'm not sure what I'd used for media--perhaps pen & ink and watercolor again, or even acrylic or oil. But it's a possible future project.

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